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Coed Varsity Archery · Hartland Archery Advances to States

The State of Michigan East Regional for Archery took place this past weekend and Hartland Archery advanced to the State Tournament!

Nearly 300 archers shot at this event at Hartland Middle School on Sat. Feb. 25th. Teams from Ann Arbor, Southfield, Fowlerville, Lake Orion, and Hartland brought teams from the elementary division, middle school division, and high school division to shoot at the event. Only the winning team from each division (ES, MS and HS) would advance to the State Tournament from this Region. (There are 6 regions in MI, so 18 teams (6 ES, 6 MS, and 6HS) will compete at States for the 2017 State Championship.) In addition to awarding the three Top Teams they also awarded the Top 5 individual female and male archers from each division.

Hartland Archers took home 28 of the 30 individual medals and ALL 3 Divisional Championships!

The State Championship will be held on March 11th at CMU! Good Luck Harland Archery!!

ES Female
1st – Carolyn Phillips (Hartland)
2nd – Brianna Chodynieki (Hartland)
3rd – Brooklyn Daniels (Hartland)
4th – Ava Jeffrey (Hartland)
5th – Macy Murray (Hartland)

ES Male
1st – Matthew Johnson (Hartland)
2nd – Chris Haworth (Hartland)
3rd – Ryan Hunter (Hartland)
4th – Ethan Cellarius (Hartland)
5th – Evan Whittaker (Hartland)

MS Female
1st – Rachel Hatfield (Hartland)
2nd – Emily Paajanen (Hartland)
3rd – Mia Kilburg (Hartland)
4th – Sarah Bragg (Hartland)
5th – Ella Gardner (Hartland)

MS Male
1st – Justin Miller (Hartland)
2nd – Ethan Shaw (Hartland)
3rd – Kaden Swierkos (Hartland)
4th – Lliam Luke (Hartland)
5th – Tommy Terski (Hartland)

HS Female
1st – Anna Herbert (Fowlerville)
2nd – Sydney Vivian (Hartland)
3rd – Connie Keech (Hartland)
4th – Savannah Grabowski (Hartland)
5th – Autumn Bullis (Fowlerville)

HS Male
1st – Daniel Sapp (Hartland)

2nd – Colin Pajot (Hartland)
3rd – Scott Bartholomew (Hartland)
4th – Garet Fyke (Hartland)
5th – Michael Allen (Hartland)

1st Place HS Team – Hartland High School
1st Place MS Team- Hartland Middle School
1st Place ES Team – Hartland Farms Int. SchoolHS Male winners ES Female winners HS Team Champions MS Female winners ES Team Champions MS Male Winners 3D range (1) flight 1 flight 2 range HS Female winners MS Team Champions