Girls Junior Varsity Tennis, Girls Varsity Tennis · Meet the 2017 All-Livingston County girls tennis team


First Team

Emily Tersigni

SCHOOL: Fowlerville

CLASS: Senior

ACHIEVEMENTS: Tersigni transformed into an all-league performer in her senior season, earning the distinction while leading Fowlerville to a fourth-place finish in the CAAC White, which is solid given that the three teams coming in ahead of the Gladiators were all state qualifiers. Tersigni reversed her record from her junior season at No. 1 singles (8-13) and went 13-8, even winning a match at regionals.

COACH’S COMMENT: “She’s just a leader,” Fowlerville coach Jim Jonas said. “Our captain on the court and she has a strong presence off the court as well. She’s someone we’re really going to miss next year.”

Jackie Spryshak

SCHOOL: Hartland

CLASS: Senior

ACHIEVEMENTS: Spryshak was another player who transitioned from a lower-level singles (No. 3) in 2016 to the top-singles flight in 2017. And she did it with some success, going 8-12 on the year — a respectable record when matched up against an opposing team’s best player and residing in the 24-team KLAA conference. Spryshak was a four-year varsity player, who her coach said personified the old motto that hard work breeds success.

COACH’S COMMENT: “Jackie’s a really hard worker and worked all four years, all season, to improve her game to the point where she was able to play one-singles,” Hartland coach Maureen Keating said. “She continued to be motivated throughout her senior year and tried her very best at that position.”

Maggie Le

SCHOOL: Brighton

CLASS: Freshman

ACHIEVEMENTS: Le entered Brighton with decently high expectations for her freshman campaign. However, even Brighton coach Jeff Miner was impressed by what Le accomplished in her rookie year. The ninth-grader took the position of No. 2 singles for the Bulldogs and never looked back. Of course, she had some ups and downs competing as a newcomer at one of the state’s best flights, her coach said, but her transition was inspiring, and, along with Maria Raneses, the future appears very bright for the Bulldogs.

COACH’S COMMENT: “She was a pleasant surprise,” Brighton coach Jeff Miner said. “I knew she was probably a solid player who would make varsity, but for her to jump up right into No. 2 (singles) as a freshman was really unexpected.”

Maria Raneses

SCHOOL: Brighton

CLASS: Sophomore

ACHIEVEMENTS: Raneses made the leap from No. 4 singles as a freshman to the top-singles player during her 10th-grade campaign. She made rapid improvements, and the Brighton up-and-coming basketball player became Livingston County’s best girls tennis athlete by season’s end.

COACH’S COMMENT: “I thought she competed really well,” Brighton coach Jeff Miner said. “As the year went on — she just wasn’t quite ready at the start of the season for the constant, every time, playing a really good (singles) player. It took a little bit of time for her to adjust to, but she had, roughly, a .500 record, which considering the schedule we play, is very good.”

Rachel Flickema

SCHOOL: Pinckney

CLASS: Senior

ACHIEVEMENTS: Flickema led Pinckney in 2017, going 8-12 at No. 1 singles, which first-year Pirates coach Nolan Hubbard called, “generally a pretty solid record for being a one-singles player.” Flickema will head to Eastern Michigan University in the fall, where she may try to join the club team to prolong her tennis career.

COACH’S COMMENT: “She was kind of the backbone of the team,” Pinckney coach Nolan Hubbard said. “It was definitely nice having her around at practices and matches, because she always led with her play. It was nice for a young team to have a one-singles player like that.”

Second Team

Abby Stepanski, Fowlerville

Anna Bredin & Sam Seelinger, Hartland

Emily Vailliencourt, Brighton

Hannah Flickema, Pinckney

Julianna Ward-Brown & Jordan Jones, Howell

Honorable Mention

  • BRIGHTON — Morgan Myers, Olivia Cooperrider & Mackenzie Barrett, Libby Daberko & Paige Osgood
  • FOWLERVILLE — Alyssa Bennett & Betsy Bassett
  • HARTLAND — Amanda Reilly, Emily Bredin, Tara Petersen & Rachel Ceresa
  • HOWELL — Megan Bryne & Madison Melby, Noelle Shinn & Megan Wolan
  • PINCKNEY — Lena Marheine, Sophie Almasri & Danielle Knapp