Eagles News · Let’s Check in with Hartland Bowling!

The Hartland Bowling program is going strong!  The teams have mowed down pins all through December and January and are entering the final frames of the season.  There are five meets left before the post season begins, and all teams will compete this Saturday in the Bowl Swami Motor City Team Challenge.  How are they rolling along?  Let’s have a look!

Varsity Girls:

The Western Girl’s Varsity Division is wide open this year, and a young Hartland team has made their presence known!  The team is in second place, with a 7-2 record.  They are coached by Bob Brewer and the team is made up of Captain Natalie Fisher, Morgan Maliszewksi, Haley Hebel, Savanna Gregory, Claire Callaghan and newcomers Carlie Mitchel and Brooke Paquette.  Anchor Maliszewski holds the highest average on the team at 174.  She also has the highest  individual game with a 246!  Three other bowlers each have a high game over 200:  Hebel (215), Fisher (220) and Gregory (212).  The team’s average total game is 767, with a high of 886.  Keep up the great work!

Varsity Boys:

The Western Boy’s Varsity Division is very strong this year, and Hartland is right in the mix in third place with a 6-3 record.  The team is coached by Donnie Worthington and includes Captain Riley Griffin, Captain Devin Guibord, Logan Guibord, Garrett Tithof and Ethan Zaborowski.  Lead-off bowler Griffin holds the team’s highest average at an even 200.  Zaborowski has the highest individual game with a whopping 290.  Other high games over 200 include Griffin (247), D. Guibord (237), Tithof (214) and L. Guibord (210).  The team’s average total game is 940, with a high of 1051.  Let’s go, Eagles!

JV Boys:

The JV Boys team is made up of several up-and-comers worth keeping an eye on.  The team is in fourth place, with a record of 4-5.  The team is coached by Todd Banaszak, assisted by Willis Blades, and is made up of A.J. Skvaranina,  Austin McClure, Derek McCracken, Gavin Blades, Hunter Grandon, Jude Banaszak, Leland Raven, Nick Stromlund and Sam Kull.  Skvaranina has the highest average on the team with a 154.  Skvaranina and McClure each have a high game of 210.  Four other bowlers have high games over 180:  Grandon (202), Blades (193), Banazak (185) and Raven (185).  The team’s average total game is 810, with a high game of 888. Great job!

Their next meet is Friday, 1/31, at 3:00 p.m. against Howell at Brighton Bowl.  Hartland will then host a meet at Striking Lanes on Thursday, 2/6, at 3:00 p.m. against Northville.  Come on out and see some great bowling and cheer on your Hartland Bowlers!