Varsity Figure Skating · Figure Skaters head to the State Championships!

Hartland United Figure Skating Team had their third and final district competition today at the Ann Arbor Ice Cube.  They also celebrated their 10 seniors Sophie Harris (Milford), Alison Haskell (Lakeland), Cynthia Kaars-Muholland (Milford), Lauren Katch (Hartland), Jackie Lewis (Lakeland), Elise Payne (Hartland), Megan Paweski (Hartland), Kayla Runestad (Lakeland), Rachel Scheske (Milford) and the Student team manager Sloane Poppei.

Both A and B teams started the day with a few points lead over the other teams overall.  The top scorers for the team are A Team Jumps who took third place which consisted of Danielle Totzke (Lakeland IA), Megan Paweski (Hartland), Abigail Hrobsky (Lakeland) and Chloe Pagogna (Lakeland IA).  B team Jumps placed 2nd with great skates from Samantha Peterson (Lakeland), Norah Dell (Lakeland), and Jackie Lewis (Lakeland).  C Team didn’t disappoint in Jumps either placing 3rd, and contributing to that was Emily Simmons (SL East), Leanna Payne (Hartland), and Madilyn Leblanc-Wakefield (Lakeland).  The A team Moves placed first with Kayla Runestad (Lakeland), Sophie Harris (Milford), Anna Zaremba (Lakeland), and Erin Scheske (Milford) whom almost secured a perfect first place ordinals.  B Team Moves placed 3rd and was well represented by Dakota Pillera (Milford), Alison Haskell (Lakeland), Elise Payne (Hartland), and Lauren Katch (Hartland).

Other great performances in the competition were by Hannah Grimes (Hartland), Rachel Scheske (Milford), Amanda Vermillion (SL East), Emma Vermillion (SL East), Alicia Dell (Lakeland), Lindsay Harpster (Lakeland), Cynthia Kaars-Muholland (Milford), and Jessica Lask (Hartland).

A team finished the regular season in 1st place, B team in 2nd place and C Team in 4th place.  Both A and B teams will be moving on to the State Championships which is March 28th and 29th, 2020 in Dearborn Michigan.