Eagles News · Cross Country State Finals Results

The Hartland Eagles Cross Country team ended their season this weekend at the state meet.  The state meet has been held at Michigan International Speedway for the last 25 years and this year was no different.  The difference was there were no spectators on the course and there were two races per gender, per division.  The 1st and 2nd place teams from each regional competed in one race and the 3rd place teams and individual qualifiers competed in another race.

     The Hartland boys team won their regional so they ran in the second of the two Division 1 boys races.The first race was won by Hobbs Kessler of Ann Arbor Skyline in a time of 14:51.79.  This was the time for Hartland’s Riley Hough to chase in the second race.  After a strong start Hough came through the three mile mark in the same time as Kessler had a race earlier, but Hough was able to close faster and run 14:49.62 to win the Division 1 State meet.  His time is the second fastest time run in a State meet at MIS.
    The Hartland team also finished strong as they placed 10th out of 27 teams.  Connor Joyce was 48th (16:19.19), Sam Kromberg 107th (16:41.00), Zachery Sandin 141st (17:01.27),  David Samson 150th (17:02.71), Trevor Bratt 173rd (17:12.72) and Ben Smith (180th) (17:19.19)  for the Eagles.  Connor Joyce is the only senior on the team, but had a great end to his career placing in the top 50.
    Lexie Brown for the girls team was the only girl to qualify after placing 13th at the regional meet.  She qualified by being one of the top seven girls not on a qualifying team.  Lexie placed 118th in a time of 20:24.82.