Eagles News · Hartland Bowling Faces Canton

Hartland took on Canton Thursday, 2/11, at Hartland’s second home match this week at Striking Lanes.  The JV Boys team prevailed 16-14, taking four of five individual points in the second game to secure the win.  Andrew Clark had the high game for JV Boys with 176.  Great game, A.J.! There was little love in the air for the varsity teams, as the Varsity Girls lost 18-12 and the Varsity Boys lost 27-3, despite some strong individual performances from each team.  Morgan Maliszewski had the Varsity Girls high game with 221.  Great job, Morgan! Logan Guibord had the Varsity Boys high game with 204.  Nice bowling, Logan! Hartland wraps up this home stretch with another match at Striking Lanes on Monday against Novi.  Go Eagles!

Hartland vs. Canton

JV Boys:

Took first baker.

  • Derek McCracken took both points with 100 and 137
  • Andrew Clark took both points with 103 and 176
  • Matthew Bragg took his second point with 160

Varsity Girls:

Took both bakers and total baker points.

  • Morgan Maliszewski took her first point with 181
  • Clair Callaghan took her second point with 120

Varsity Boys:

  • Garrett Tithof took his second point with 172
  • Ethan Zaborowski took his second point with 202
  • Logan Guibord took his second point with 149