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Eligibility Standards 

The NCAA recently adopted increased initial-eligibility standards for Prospective Student-Athletes (PSAs) entering collegiate institutions full time. The new standards are effective for those entering college on or after Aug. 1, 2016.

Full Qualifier Status in Fall 2016:

  • PSAs must meet the following standard in order to compete, practice and receive athletics aid in the first year of collegiate enrollment:

    UPDATE MAY 2, 2013: The NCAA D1 board voted to suspend “indefinitely” the new 2016 SAT/ACT sliding scale.  The scale which is in place now will remain the norm.  However, it is important to note that the higher 2.3 core gpa requirement for D1, the 10 core class completion by end of junior year (7 of which must come from the English, math, and science subsection) and locking in of the first 10 core class grades remains in place for the 2016 class.

    • Obtain a minimum core GPA of 2.3 in the 16 core courses currently required.
    • Meet prescribed core-course requirements.

Core Course Progression for Full Qualifier Status:

  • This requirement must be met in order to compete in the first year of collegiate enrollment.
  • Students must successfully complete 10 core courses prior to seventh semester (or equivalent) of high school.
  • Seven of the 10 core courses must be successfully completed in English, math and natural/physical science.
  • These core courses (and grades) must be used in calculating the core GPA for purposes of meeting the sliding scale and GPA minimum.

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The Next Level . . .

You are a talented student-athlete whose hard work and dedication has led to a multitude of impressive honors and statistics along your high school journey. The Reaching Higher program is indeed geared to assist student-athletes in attaining the “Next Level;” but it is important to temper aspirations of full-ride college scholarships and the even more remote pipedream of professional athletic careers. For most, the “Next Level,” will not include competitive athletics. Let the following statistics serve as both a warning and a guide as you prepare for the “Next Level” as a successful citizen rather than an athlete.

  • Nearly 550,000 boys and 450,000 girls play high school basketball nation-wide. Roughly 3% of all players of each gender will ever play at at NCAA institution.
  • From the above figures, .03% of boys and .02% of girls will ever earn a paycheck playing the game.
  • More than 1 million boys play high school football. Annually, just over 17,000 are afforded the chance to earn a scholarship as freshmen.
  • Of course, the above figures are contingent on achieving minimum grade standards for acceptance to an NCAA program.