Parking At Hartland Events


During the past school year, situations occurred in which emergency response vehicles could not maneuver around vehicles parked in the fire lanes.  Most notably this has occurred at the high school sports complex and in the Lakes Elementary and Farms Intermediate circle drive.  The district would appreciate the public’s cooperation not parking where fire lanes exist.  This includes the striped off areas in some of our parking lots.  

Community members may not be aware that these fire lanes exist for two reasons.  The first is the fire department needs access to our buildings 24 hours a day.  At any moment a situation could occur that requires emergency access to the facilities.  If vehicles are parked in the fire lanes, emergency vehicles cannot efficiently tend to the emergency at hand.  The second reason is that at any given time an individual or group of individuals may require medical attention.  With access points blocked, the emergency staff cannot effectively reach and treat those in need.

Please heed the signage and marked areas designated as Fire Lanes and keep these areas clear at all times.  In the event that individuals continue to ignore the signage around district facilities, tickets may be issued to violators. Help us keep our community members, guests, and facilities safe.